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The words, the link to the image.

/ January 3rd, 2017 / 0 Comment

  The words, the link to the image. The most common errors, the great absurdity of companies and brands in the social media jungle. Make copys, it’s no joke! Tenses wrong conjugated, some spelling mistakes, the new generation and ;), and furthermore the use of words in disuse. We’re probably all day connected to the…

Being good is not enough, you have to see it

/ December 15th, 2016 / 0 Comment

Having a powerful brand projects we not only publicly but also outside it does internally. We all know that our brand must transmit the values that identify us must connote the quality of our services and / or products. We want to be able to create interactions and relationships with customers and prospects. But we…

In social networks, like in real life, love and friends not beg

/ November 25th, 2016 / 0 Comment

In social networks, like in real life, love and friends not beg. Facebook also penalized! The tactic known as Like-baiting, as Facebook says, is to explicitly ask users to click on a “like” in a post or page. Asked to comment or share the message with the goal of further repercussions. Over time these stories…

Positive mental attitude

/ July 25th, 2016 / 0 Comment

🍋POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE🍋 Is the ability to always see the glass half full instead of half empty. Be very clear that in the worst circumstances there is always something to discover profitable. We refer to the ability to become a lemonade with these lemons life gives us.😃❤️ Clara Badia Teixidó Núria Martínez París

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