The words, the link to the image.

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The words, the link to the image.

The most common errors, the great absurdity of companies and brands in the social media jungle.

Make copys, it’s no joke!
Tenses wrong conjugated, some spelling mistakes, the new generation and ;), and furthermore the use of words in disuse.

We’re probably all day connected to the networks getting a lot of information, however, if we observe carefully the texts that accompany the images (in funds later on another entry in our blog, because there are for rent chairs) leave a lot to be desired, both by the fund and by the form… and it’s make copys, it’s not a cinch.

Our conclusion: Smartphones with many Apps to try and modify the pictures and videos, hundreds of filters, frames, whiskers and glasses, icons, epitaphs and anglicismes that many times we don’t know… but at the same time to make the texts, so few people remember their importance?, the text is and must be the same or more relevant to the image.


Clara Badia Teixidó
Núria Martínez París

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